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Maximum Capacity…

The maximum capacity for this heart is one

Tell me which girl I will get and make this complete and done

I’m not one to break codes and violate the law

My heart has passed all the tests and has no flaws

One day I wake up and expect you to be this person and I end up getting that person

My mom always said, “Find a girl that will fill every inch of your heart son”

Tell me why I put you in there than I end up getting this unknown figure who you can’t bring along

You know which girl I want and it was written that we belong

This side of you I cannot take

You walk the halls and act fake

The side I want is true

I want that girl who turns the gray skies into blue

I don’t want the Fire Marshall to come and make you evacuate

I would be left with an empty heart and only blame it on fate

Where are you at now?

As I grew up I knew you ruled the world
You see no difference in white and black or boy and girl
I say G-O-D gives me wings and I know I will never fall
When one needs help they look up to the skies and give you a call
Where I am today, I give you the credit
Where I will be tomorrow, I know you have already written it
This is a common belief for any other God-believing civilian
But I am one and they are nine million

Where are you at now?

This is no blessing in disguise Mr. Robertson
This is a plague where a father and mother watch the dead bodies of their daughter and son
I don’t have enough print in the cartridge to make a difference
I give what I can give, but can’t do much sitting in the distance
I get on my grind to help those that never asked for this
Why does the world have these tragedies and prevent people from living in bliss
Where is your heart Mr. Rush Limbaugh
But this is not a time to make a stranger a foe

Where are you at now?

I have faith and I thought it was strong
Days like this come around and I think twice and feel wrong
I sit and watch Anderson Cooper 360
See the pictures of the dead and wounded lying in the streets of Haiti
The number of dead keep rising
They shout and cry for help; the aid needs to keep coming
I can’t understand their pain and grief
This quake came and took their lives like a thief

Where are you at now?

I sit and contemplate how something like this can happen
I sit and wonder if these lives will ever recover from being misshapen
I sit and pray that you are looking over their shoulders
I sit and hope that there is someone there listening to my prayers

thus 200 years of turmoil

I say look at history

Haiti was never punished by an all powerful

but by the worldly; the crime

claimed humanity


“Once I was afraid of dying,
terrified of ever-lying,
petrified of leaving family, home and friends.

Thoughts of absence from my dear ones,
brought a melancholy tear once,
and a dredful fear of when life ends.

But those days are long behind me,
fear of leaving does not bind me,
and departure does not hold a single care.

Peace does comfort as I ponder,
a reunion in the yonder,
with my dearest one who is waiting for me there.”

-Swen Nater

True Love…

Losing Record

I fell thinking you were the one

Woke up with the bittersweet truth that you weren’t the one to take up the throne

Tell me why I keep falling

Tell me why I choose to fall with no chute through the ceiling

I would think this a phase in my life that will pass

But if it was a phase then why does my heart repeatedly break into pieces of shattered glass

Life is short and I want to spend it with you

Your rejections make me crash and go computer blue

Last season I ended up with a losing record

This season I hope to come out a winner on the record board

Braile Prayers

how did we get this lost
how did we get this far from vision
lord help keep my people out of hell yes
make em strong keep them from feelings of frailness
can he see me or am I speaking in braile prayers
i hope he sees me here.
the bits of glass pipes fall from the mouth of athena
charred spoons and charred bones and finger tips
burned tips farenheit
bear in mind that this phase is fair and with time right
you will out grow of it like a courdoy pair of slacks
you shouldn’t be ashamed to come home or move down south
i’d love you there too
as long as you were seldom blue with straw hats
elegance with perfumes and flower gardens
reading toni morrison on the porch in a sundress
and a gold heart or a pendent of a child with yellow dimonds
i’d follow you there too
this isnt fair to either of us we made this match early
as blood brothers
fighting the still prints from our childhood
fearing death
i dream of you more
mostly cheering in the stands
you have not sabotaged the race
you were a stellar coach
and I wont run away from you
only around and back again
400 the hardest lap
in that final straight away my legs feel like tree trunks
remember I almost won that race
but my legs felt like tree trunks
and I fell with my face to the finish line
i worry for us both

The wise man was right…

This about the girl I loved that never loved me
This will help you feel things that you could never see
A wise poet once told the world that love is the world’s only known unknown
But I know how love feels
I loved the girl..
The only issue is the feeling of being loved
I did everything in my power to quench your thirst for love
But I beg of you not to obey your thirst cause my insides are empty of sprite
I gave you the type of love that every poet writes about
Creates similes metaphors and illusions about
The type that makes a guy wanna get on one knee for a girl
I gave you that type of love
The type that makes a girl wear a wedding dress and twirl
I gave you that type of love
Giving you that love made me feel like I live in freezing degrees
It took out the light that you once brought in me
I cannot feel, just numb from inside
The blood in my veins and the organs in my body are dry ice
When you touch me you will endure frostbite
When you kiss me your lips will be chapped
You have woken up a heartless soul that should have never been tapped
I wanted you to make a fruitful bountiful type of wine from the grapes of my heart
But all you made was wine that tasted of a bitter, beaten heart
Love is the world’s only known unknown
I thought I knew love but love is shared by two souls that are born
The love I gave you was never reciprocated
The love I gave you should have never been so complicated
I do not know love
It is still an unknown variable for my heart

The imaginary I. love. you.

For me…

Don’t hate yourself for this one

I do not write to enrage, but to make these thoughts come to a done

I do not write to please my readers, but I write to please my heart

I write to hit the bulls eye of these emotions with a dart

I write to help myself see what I cannot feel

Don’t hate yourself for this one

I do not write for you to weep, but to convince myself that I had bad timing this time around

I do not write what is ugly, but portray the beauty that can be released from this soul

I write to bring myself to peace

I write to finally bring my love to a cease

Don’t hate yourself this one

I do not write to help you realize what you have lost, but to help you know that you will love like this one day

I do not write to help you be with me and only me, but to help me know the repercussions for wearing this heart on my sleeve

I write to help me come to this cold, frozen, realization that love may not be the best route to be chosen

I write to help me live with the fact that love may not be real

Don’t hate yourself for this one

Cause this one is for me.