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A name. What’s in a name, he asked. My grandmother is in my name, God rest her soul, and my father’s will. Three syllables that seem to you oddly paired like a tiara made of mud or a storm in a savannah sunset. A strange symphony sounding as syrup would trickling trickling trickling    down. I often have to say it twice or thrice lest it bounce off your ears, a child on a trampolene . If I cared I would fluster and apologize for the strangely put-together sounds that tickle and tease your palate so. Sounds that twist your tongue against your teeth. Sounds that run and hide from familiarity. Funny that squint  that tilt-of –the-head when you first hear it -my grandmother’s name wrapped in my father’s will incubated for a generation and born –or now aborted- in this, your experiment. You gurgle the syllables in your mouth and spit them out like fish bones. Funny how such an age-old sound should linger awkwardly as an echo would from a distant time, from a far away place.  Those three syllables hope ever so briefly at your lips’ end
and then perish in the moment, a cold breath thereafter. A shivering newborn. Only, She has lived before.

I wear my soul on my neck

Hello Your Beautiful

A Poem From A Friend

She’s haunted by her skin. Wrapped in mahogany nightmares, she pleads with her reflection, “Am I not fair?”

Hands trace wrists and scarlet lines that outline fear. “Shamed is thy beauty. Dark hides your gentle grace. Your eyes plead through condemned shades. If but your lips were rose, hair as ebony, skin as snow”. She rests her face in clawed fingers. Pain spills at her feet. Her heart beats against childhood horror stories.

Afraid to face herself again, her lips embrace the same venom that every Eve tastes. And her fairy tales always sounds this way.


Life caught up but we’ll be trying to restart this project soon. Expect some new posts though some will be borrowed from another project we are working on right now

If your ever flipping channels on your TV and happen to run into V For Vendetta…watch it. Stop and watch..its a visual masterpiece.

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