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I Play for Laina

for MJ


Everyone starts in the same place

Some walk

Some jog

Some run

Some trip and fall behind

Others help them up when they fall

Some just push on through until the end, sprinting all the way

Some go it alone, with partners, or in groups

All participate

When the race is over what have you learned?
What have you seen, touched, felt, heard, experienced, or helped?

Who and how will it be remembered?

These are the things that make it worthwhile……

Birth – Transition

What are you going to do with your dash?

Thoughts of Her

When I drift off during the day

I hear what was

What is

Wonder What could have been

Too short I think

Just right maybe?

But oh so


Too often people lose faith in love because of an unprecedented pain that transpired in a previous relationship. The usual remedy is to build one’s defenses against the amorous inclinations of one’s own intangible thoughts: the belief in true love and the pursuit for the aforementioned love. As a result of this, many people walk their paths in life on guard against their own hearts, while denying themselves as well as others the chance to see the full extent of their emotions, as well as not allowing it to flow towards any new body or soul that may have captured their affections.

Fortunately, the building of walls is not the only approach to love. There is another way that enables all to love without limits, be it one person or many, without too much pain and suffering. This is the way of accepting the pain of love not destined. A terrifying suggestion. It may not be easy to accept the pain incurred by love not destined, but what you need to realize, is the reason that you are hurting. The most common reason that people may come across is due to the fact that people have expectations of their partners, their lives, and, naturally, their relationships. Everyone wants the picture perfect dream, instead of their own dreams. It is necessary to know what you want, it is necessary to know who you are. This, unfortunately, is not easily accomplished due to the environment in which we live today. Sadly, there is no quick method or way of getting to know who you are, mainly due to the fact that as a person, you have many stages or levels of self, most of which remain oblivious with the examination of your conscious mind. If this is understood, then after a while you realize that it is not the other person in the relationship causing you pain, rather it is you causing yourself pain for the failures of your own expectations not being met.

Love yourself first, don’t expect too much from others and don’t judge for what they don’t have, simply appreciate what they have to offer. There is always someone there for everyone even if it seems out of reach. Believe in your true love and wait for it if that’s what pleases you. Learn to not expect too much and with this knowledge and patience you will realize that everyone has their own life to live and their own ways to live it. The only thing that one has to keep in mind is to understand and preserve you and your ideals in relation to others. Do not simply change yourself due to the will of others. Do not allow pain to enter your life, be it physical or emotional simply because you believe you must endure it. Do not shy away from full out passion for another or the ability to sacrifice for another, but be sure the one you are doing it for is worth it, or more importantly, that you can afford to give it. Love does not have a base structure or an instruction manual and can never ask for more than you can give.
–Love long, Love hard, Love many, Life without Love is Death with a Heartbeat.

— R