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i dont think im done this yet, but w/e

When I’m bored, I doodle

New Toys

Be witness to the evolution of an artist.

Across The Water

Master Vs. Ryu

Master Vs. Ryu-M




Birth of an Idea



i love you
i promise i wont pester you unless I can’t go any long with out hearing your voice
i know your busy
your off using brazziers thats served to hold the fountains of your youth
as a sling shot to slay goliath and coca-cola
sometimes you slays stages too
and its like watching your infant try on your shoes
i picked these for my own reasons but here you are
taking them to  leave new footsteps while you can barely stand
and it makes me want to walk taller
and makes me want to snap a photo
like i got myself an American family here


Unknown Future

Who knows what it holds

They would label us

poet, artist,  photographer

We are all of these and yet none