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Big up to all the players on the Team gettin live in the the background. James Williams, Chi Nwogu, Ian Allen, Jovan Julien, Aiyah Josiah-Faeduwor, Dwayne C. Parris, Brian Alexander, Steven Aguiar, Josh Rames, Shahneel Kanji,and Zeeshan Hussain. Real good looking out.

Wild Shit! from Francoise Gamma***

Admittedly- Wild…but – inspirational even.

Computer bLUE arriving soon.

Do not Bite the Apple, Eve

Suppose to Fly

It been a while since I put back on my Sunday shoes come Monday please don’t come so soon. And that’s what she said, don’t run don’t move be still- rejoice and be glad it is.

At the age of five I was taken to the rusty basin in the back of Tried Stone Baptist Church and was dipped down – for five seconds – two times- until I was saved.
Quite literally the process of Baptism requires a bit of imagination and some saving. My parents watched the preacher’s attempt to drown me as they all clapped and cried. At home on regular Tuesday nights when the spirit would move me in a bubble bath, I’d attempt to drown myself again. Salvation and shampoo in the eye go hand in hand. I stray away from both lately- for fear of getting the wrinkles.

“No buddy Easter is not about candy”
“Oh, my bad I didn’t hear you correctly”
“You’re right…it’s about family”

With these shoes…

Im gonna wear that shirt that says “hi my name is…
i am the son of a man who trimmed trees
he knew the shape of and landscape like the shape of a woman
and vice versa
he taught me how to drive a stick shift and how to be standoffish
he was a king

We these socks…
im gonna wear that shirt that says
I was admitted in 2006 with a 4.0 grade point average
I was president of my class and an eight letter athlete
my brother is in kindergaten/ my mother went to state for a year before dropping out
she needed the money/ my father never went be he was real smart tho
so yes officer I do do to this school
no sir i was just walking her home
yes sir you can see my ID
im gonna wear that shirt

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes pictures of the new music video….

“Each the other’s world entire”